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Lilith 7/1/2014 11:33 PM
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Lilith (SuperAdmin) 8/7/2011 5:23 PM EST : GUILD RULES AND GUIDELINES
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If you are interested in joining this guild, please read the following post very carefully and be sure you understand our rules.  Yes, it's a long list... but this is not the usual type of DDO guild and we have these rules to promote a certain feel to our playing sessions.  If you are new to the concept of roleplaying in DDO, please take a look at this post from the DDO forums a few years ago - the ideas are still relevant now.  If you have any questions about the way this guild runs, please contact either Lilith (Lillidhe) or Tibir (KreepyKritter).  Thank you!

Wavecrest Wayfinders – Thelanis

Our vision:

To form a close-knit company of like-minded individuals to enjoy roleplaying and questing as a group, to develop a character through interaction with group members and others, and to participate in the wider roleplaying community on the Thelanis server.

Guild Rules and Guidelines

July 30, 2011

1. The purpose and expectations of this guild.

This guild is about having fun, and we expect that fun will occur via roleplay.  However, 'fun' is subjective, and anyone not having fun should speak up so that any issues can be worked on.  If we don't know it's broken, we can't do anything about fixing it.

The expectation of this guild is that roleplay is the focus, rather than gaining experience and levelling.  XP will be gained via roleplaying through quests, but it will be a slow process and members should realise that any character in this group will progress very slowly and will most likely be constantly under-equipped and possibly 'gimped', compared to what they may be used to with other characters.  There are restrictions on what can be acquired for your character, which are explained in point 5, and limitations due to build or gear will be overcome through teamwork and strategy.

If you cannot bear the thought of not having the best gear for your level, or of not squeezing every bit of available XP from optionals and bonuses, or of not questing at every single session, then you'll probably not enjoy being a part of this group!

Edit, April 7, 2012:  The XP-boosting items known as Tomes of Learning, available in the DDO store and as part of the Expansion Pack pre-order, are not permitted for use by characters in this static group.  If you'd like to join us but have already used one, please discuss with the guild leader. 

2. Roleplaying and Questing.

The focus of this group is roleplaying, and therefore members are encouraged to RP both with each other and with other roleplayers on the server.  Make as many in-character connections with other players as you like, depending on your character's personality and interests, and have fun out there!  The only thing we ask is that you try not to allow your character to get embroiled in any major stories with people outside of this group unless the whole guild can be a part of it, simply because it may either render that character unavailable for regular group sessions, or cause them to experience changes that might jeopardise their relationship to this group.

When it comes to actual questing, keep it within this guild.  The aim is to keep all characters as close in level and gear as possible, and questing outside of the group may cause some imbalance.  If you've missed a few sessions and need to catch up a level or two then by all means enlist the help of others to do so, but with the speed we will be playing that will likely not be much of an issue!

Don't get hung up on the XP or the details of a quest.  Focusing on RP means that there may be re-entry penalties if someone needs rescuing, we may not break every crate and barrel, there may be areas that are not explored, there may be rare encounters that are missed.  If the RP doesn't take us there naturally, then we don't go there... and we take as long as necessary to finish a quest.  This guild is not about efficiency!

Difficulty:  we will run quests on the hardest difficulty that we feel the group can cope with, without compromising the ability to RP.  This will rarely be Elite unless we are over level or the quest is known to be easy.  Hard should be considered the standard, at least for lower level quests, but they may be run on Normal if the party feels Hard will be too much of a challenge.

3. DDO Events.

(e.g. Crystal Cove, Mabar, Festivult)

Many Turbine events do not readily lend themselves to roleplay, and running them over and over is outside of the purpose of this guild and will result in characters acquiring items that may be overpowered for the group.  In general, it should be considered that static guild characters may not participate in these events.

That being said - there may be some low level items that can be acquired through normal questing or one RP run through an event which would not be unreasonable for a guild character to have, and which may add more believability to that character when used in-game.  Therefore, if players would like to make a case for participation, events may be discussed at the time they are made available by Turbine and an agreement made as to whether or not to take part and to what extent.

4. Injury, Death, and Shrines.

This is not a permadeath guild.  Death may occur, but we hope to avoid it through the use of tactics and considerate group play.  (Reckless barbarians, for example, may find themselves dying frequently.)  The preferred method of dealing with death is to consider the character merely unconscious, and they may be carried to a safe place to rest and recover with assistance from any healers in the party.  If the character is incapacitated but stabilised, they may speak to reassure their party that they just need a moment to recover, but if they are 'unconscious' (i.e. a soulstone) then they should not speak until revived.

Rest and resurrection shrines in dungeons will not be considered 'holy places' in-character – why would there be an un-desecrated holy shrine in the middle of a den of 'evil' creatures?  These are merely safe places to rest and recover.  We will not generally save shrines for later use, the party rests together.  For the sake of out-of-character spell-point conservation the casters can pass out buffs and then rest after everyone else, but if anyone chooses not to use a rest shrine at this spot there will be no returning to it.  (Exceptions to this rule could be considered on a case by case basis depending on the quest, but it shouldn't be necessary at least at lower levels.)

5. Buying and Selling.

In order to try and promote a 'tabletop' feel to this group, there are some limitations on buying and selling within this guild.

Regular vendors:  buying and selling permitted – consumables and anything level-appropriate and that the character can afford from the money they've earned themselves.  Wands and potions are allowed.

Guild Vendors (when they become available):  as above.

Patron Vendors:  once the favour has been earned, then buying and selling permitted as above.

Brokers:  buying and selling permitted, with the exception of named items.  (This is to maintain the feel of being 'heroes' who have earned their special gear through trial and effort, rather than merely getting lucky whilst shopping!)  Again, level-appropriate gear only, please.

Auction House:  off limits to these characters.  However, valuable items or collectibles the characters pick up, and which will not be put to use by any of the group, may be passed to the guild's designated 'auctioneer', Gruumak, who will auction them and put the proceeds into a fund for the eventual purchase of an airship and amenities for it.  (See this post for a list of suggested items that generally sell well.) 
DDO Store:  only cosmetic purchases such as hair dye or armour kits, and 'convenience' items like storage bags, quivers, bracelet of friends (for OOC use), and so on.  Account-level options like additional bank space, races or quest packs/guest passes are also permitted.  Nothing that will enhance your character, no boosts, tomes (including Tomes of Learning), potions, wands, weapons, rest shrines, etc. etc.  
MyDDO Lottery:  the same rules apply as for items that can be bought from the store.  If a guild character happens to win an ineligible item in a lottery, pass it to another of your characters if at all possible.  If the prize is bound to the static character, please discuss it with guild leadership before using the item.  (If possible, just don't enter guild characters for lotteries at all.)

In all cases, if a character loots or finds an item and they don't need it themselves, it should be offered to the rest of the group first.  If no one else can/will use it, consider if it's useful for crafting (see #6).  If not, then sell or dispose of it as you see fit within these rules.

Purchases should be made using money the character has earned themselves, no gifts/twinking from any of your other characters.  However, if another group member wishes to purchase an item as a gift, or to give money to one of their guildmates, that's fine so long as the funds have again been earned by that character.

Gifts from people outside the guild, i.e. other roleplayers, may be accepted if the item is level-appropriate and there is an RP reason for it.  (e.g. a gift of a large amount of cash just because someone thought you were awesome is not a good enough reason!)  Also, needed items could be acquired via RP with people outside the guild – for example obtaining better thieves' tools by completing a task for a higher-level rogue, or acquiring useful scrolls by helping out a fellow caster.

6. Crafting.

Mickela, a non-RP guild member, will be our Guild Crafter and will make whatever useful items she can for the group.  This does not mean group members can't build up their own crafting levels if they wish, if it's something they want to do and can justify in RP terms.  If you pick up crafting essences and don't intend to use them, pass them to Mickela.  (Note: crafted items will not be given out for free, but a 'price list' still has to be worked on for this.  Gifted essences or other items will reduce the cost of crafted gear.)

7. In-game Chat.

Text:  party chat should be kept for in-character (IC) interactions as much as possible, and guild chat for out-of-character (OOC) comments.  The exceptions to this are 'emergency' comments when a player has to run afk and it may be missed in guild chat, or when people online split into smaller groups for private conversations, when OOC discussions can take place in the party tab to keep it private.

Voice:  roleplaying via voice chat is optional but not required – feel free to use it if that's your taste, but also accept and be considerate of those who choose to type, or are not able to utilize the voice options due to limitations of either their PC or the player themselves.  Also remember that those who are typing need to stop moving in order to do so, so please do not run too far ahead of your group.  If you'd like to RP via voice please let the group know so that people can turn on speakers or don headphones if necessary, or can let you know if they'll be unable to hear you for any reason.  If you're asked to return to typing, please don't take it as an insult but simply a request to allow others to keep up.

Even if you're not using voice chat to RP, you can still yell for help OOC in an emergency if you've been caught out somewhere and your party hasn't noticed that you're in trouble!

8. Playing times and additional RP.

The intended start time of the group is Fridays at 9:30 pm eastern time (Daylight Savings where appropriate).  At the present time the standard meeting point for the group is the Rusty Nail in the marketplace, although guild members may be sought out elsewhere if others know IC where they are.  (For example, Swamper lives and works at the Leaky Dinghy, Lilith and Tibir live at the Bogwater Tavern.)

The group will attempt to meet as close to this time as possible, and discussion may be needed as to what they would like to do that evening.  There will be no regimented time to begin questing – if the RP leads us into a quest then that's great, but if it doesn't and everyone is happy to just sit around and chat, that's fine too.  As previously stated the focus of the guild is roleplay, not for questing to feel 'forced'.  If we do get into a quest then it will take as long as necessary to complete in-character (chains may need to be split over two or more weeks).  If it's necessary for a player to leave before the quest is finished, we'll try to find an RP reason for that and work around the character's absence.  RP > XP, but RL > both!

Meetings for additional RP may take place at any time the members would like – there are sometimes guild members around on Wednesday evenings, and any member is encouraged to attend Thelanis Thursdays if they'd like to.  Additional RP is not required for guild characters, but if you would like to then it may give more opportunities for character development and so on, and for the character to become known as part of the wider Thelanis roleplaying scene.

Several players write stories or IC journals for their characters, and these are posted in the 'members only' section of this site due to the nature of some content.  Writing a journal is for the interest, amusement and creative outlet of the player, and is not required of any guild member.  If you choose to read these journals and stories, please remember the RP sin of 'metagaming' and DO NOT make IC use of any information you glean from reading them unless your character has learned of it through RP interaction with the other character or people who have this knowledge.  If you think you'll be unable to prevent OOC knowledge from creeping into your roleplay, then please don't read any of those posts!

9. Leadership and the guild name.

The current guild leader is Lilith (Lillidhe in-game and on GuildPortal), and the current successor is Tibir (KreepyKritter on GuildPortal).  This is not a dictatorship – if at any time the regular guild members feel that they would like to see a change, a vote may be requested and interested parties may express their wish to take that position.

The name 'Wavecrest Wayfinders' comes from a guild on another server, and was carried over to Thelanis.  At present there is no real in-character reason to be considered a 'guild' at all, and so the members don't refer to themselves by that name - they are merely a group of friends and/or associates meeting for work and socialising.  Asking around in-character for a member of the Wavecrest Wayfinders won't get much response!  If at some point the RP leads the group to consider that they need a name for themselves, we can figure out reasons for it at that time.

"Our language has wisely sensed the two sides of being alone.  It has created the word "loneliness" to express the pain of being alone.  And it has created the word "solitude" to express the glory of being alone." - Paul Tillich

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