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Lilith 7/1/2014 11:33 PM
The site has finally changed to a free one, but fear not, gentle writers! All of your stories appear to be intact under the 'Characters' forum in the member section. If anything is missing, let me know.
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Lilith (SuperAdmin) 7/11/2011 10:00 PM EST : Character descriptions
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(Please note that 'introductions' linked to in this thread are in the members-only character sub-forums and cannot be viewed by guests.  Apologies for any inconvenience.)

Currently active guild characters:


Male-personality warforged wizard.

Of unknown origin, Arkanen is not his designated name but a nickname he has chosen for himself.  He is 6' tall, with a light build.  He has black crystal eyes with white 'pupils', and teal-coloured plating covered with arcane and decorative markings.  No ghular decorates his forehead.

Arkanen carries a flask and likes to sip from it often, but its contents are unknown.  He specialises in crowd-control spells, enchantments and illusions.


Caelest Warren

Female half-elven monk.

(Description as written by her player.)

Lithe and standing at all of 5’4”, Caelest is hardly intimidating, and she enjoys using this illusion of vulnerability to her advantage.  Her fair complexion and gentle features favour her elvish ancestors, though her rounded ears and firm jaw line hint at her mixed lineage.  Her chin-length hair is cut into subtle, jagged layers and is a pale shade of cinnamon or ash.  Narrow, grey-blue eyes, the colour of which fluctuates in accordance with her mood, hold wisdom, wariness and a distinct flicker of youthfulness.

Rust-coloured pantalets and a fitted camisole in a darker brown accentuate her athletic build, while twin sashes criss-crossing her torso soften the look.  Accents of rabbit fur on the thighs remind her of where she came from. 

She walks with a slight bounce in her step and moves with a precision and confidence borne from years of studying motion, fine-tuning every punch, kick and jump into a deliberate and effective maneuver.  Despite this, she is indecisive, weighed down by an inner struggle of pacifistic desire and adventurous spirit.

Generally polite and well-spoken, Caelest is not afraid to offer brutal honesty when needed.  She speaks in a high, almost breathy, alto.  A tenacious, independent woman (once her mind’s been made up), she is invariably loyal to those she cares for.  Owing to the community-focused influences of her youth, she makes an effort to be welcoming.  True trust and friendship, however, have to be earned. 

Eiridan Albright ("Dan")

Male human ranger/fighter/rogue

Born in Breland, Dan is 6'4", broad-shouldered and muscular but moves with a dexterity that belies his size.  He has light blue eyes and black hair cut in a short mohawk, with a soul patch decorating his chin and a small, bright blue tattoo of a bear on his scalp.  

29 years old and a veteran of the Last War, Dan carries a longbow and twin scimitars almost everywhere.  He travels with his little sister Rina, and is very protective of her.


Dan's in-game bio:

Known to most as simply 'Dan', this is an imposing man in his late twenties - not conventionally handsome but well over six feet tall and broad-shouldered, with a muscular frame and tanned skin that suggest years of hard outdoor work, physical training, or both.  On his scalp he proudly wears a small, bright blue tattoo of a bear - the colour and emblem of his native Breland.  Although at first glance his appearance might seem a little intimidating, his eyes normally hold a merry twinkle and his voice is hearty and welcoming.

His weapons and gear are those of a ranger, but his bearing is that of a soldier.  He exhibits the kind of easy confidence that has in the past inspired men to follow his orders and women to seek his company.  There are few visible scars to suggest combat experience, but perhaps he's just lighter on his feet than he looks.

Dan travels with his sister Rina, and woe betide any who attempt to harm her...

Errinala Albright ("Rina")

Female human rogue mechanic

Born in Breland, Rina is Dan's younger sister.  24 years old and standing at just 5'2" with a slender build, she has short black hair and light blue eyes like her brother.  She is pretty, although not truly beautiful, and sports a long thin scar over her left eye.

Rina is usually found carrying a dagger that has special meaning for her, and a repeating crossbow that she is an excellent shot with.


Xsanguinate the Living  ("X")

Male-personality warforged Favoured Soul

(Very little info so far.  Stands at 6'4" and weighs around 300lb)

Zerkzie O'Ruadraigh

Female 3/4 drow-1/4 Khoravar cleric/druid

(Not much info so far.)


Note: all of the characters listed below are either former guild members, or were active but are currently on hiatus until the return of one of our valued members.  A new group of characters has been formed to continue roleplaying within the guild under a new mission, until such time as old friends can be reintegrated.


(occasional visitor for RP - will join in as availability allows)

Older male human sorcerer.  Description as written by his player...

At first glance, one would take Aonghas as an older gentleman, perhaps in his late fifties.  Upon further examination, however, one becomes much less sure.  Bright eyes, still holding some glimmer of youth in their aquamarine depths, stand out in contrast to stark, snow white hair.  His face holds light lines, both of one who laughs much, and one who has seen more than their share of worry and sadness, but they are far from the wrinkles of age.

He is just taller than average height, and light of build.  One who knows what to look for, may recognize some small, lingering amount of military poise, and the look of muscles that once knew how to carry heavy armor and swing a sword, though they have long since diminished.

He keeps himself neatly groomed, his long hair always brushed and styled (though usually unbound), and his mustache and beard short and neatly trimmed.  He dresses well, in tailored outfits, accentuated by tasteful jewelry, and always a pair of soft, thin leather gloves.

His voice is deep and cultured, and generally soft, though when he gets excited, it raises in volume.  The accent he speaks with is distinctly Cyran.

In general, he is quiet and keeps to himself, preferring to listen to a conversation in progress than to start one of his own.  There are days though, when he can be animated and garroulous, if the conversation piques his interest or he has been too long without company.

Those who can perceive auras would know with certainty that he is a sorcerer.  Yet, underneath the fiery energy that clings to him, there is something else that doesn't quite mesh with the rest.  It is faint, much overshadowed by the arcane energy, more of a mark of the past than something active and cultivated, but it is different... perhaps divine? 


Young male halfling fighter.  No description written as yet.


('Retired' from main group - may appear for RP as availability allows.)

Middle-aged male human bard.  No description written as yet.

(A picture of Colanut, produced by Xy (Dren), can be found here.)


Male-personality Warforged artificer.  Description as written by 'his' player...

Contrive is (considered) a male-personality Warforged standing at 5'6" in height, though he will claim to be a "construct" when asked of his gender.  His physical build betrays his weakness, looking more along the lines of a slightly famished humanoid rather than a being built for war.  A tattered green hood covers his head, the front lip tucked down far enough to keep his ghular partially covered.  On his back is a small backpack filled to the brim with metallic tools of various shapes and sizes.  Beyond the limited clothing and gear, Contrive's light gray plating bears only a small mark to House Cannith on his left shoulder, barely noticeable unless actively looked for.  His white eyes are made of crystal.

To his side is a haphazardly built Iron Defender, Bulwark.  Spikes line the creature's spine, and it remains always alert and watching both passer-by and acquaintance alike.  His plating overlaps itself frequently, as if built from the scraps of anything that could be found.  Its eyes are also a solid white, and its gaze frequently shifts to a new target every few seconds to keep tabs on all people near Contrive.  A small House Cannith mark also is emblazoned on his rear left flank.  Both of their eyes flicker from time to time -- Contrive will freely admit that he can understand the Defender, but the extent to how deep their conversations can go is unknown.  The dog seems friendly, however.

A great crossbow is visible on Contrive's person at all times, whether hanging from his back or resting by his side.  A rune-arm constantly spins, waiting for action, on his left arm.  This 'forged and his dog seem ready for a battle at any moment, despite being always willing to speak when approached.  This capacity for speech, however, seems awkward at times, with Contrive frequently fumbling over his words, cutting a conversation with a simple "Hmm," or being prone to long stretches of silence as he thinks.  About what, he never will admit, and frequently wishes he could lead a conversation differently, yet never acts upon these wishes out of fear of rank and respect taught in the war.  This fault may have led him to be dismissed from House Cannith, for further reasons unknown.


(in-game name: Hoelden)  Male human paladin.  Description as written by his player...

Holden is a young adult human male who stands at an imposing 6’ height.  He has the look of a Deneith warrior, despite having no ties to the house; broad shoulders and tight muscles result in a well-proportioned frame and a general impression of strength.  Accustomed to a life of conflict, he feels far more comfortable armoured than not and is never seen without his full plate.  This particular suit-of-arms bears the dents of many years of use and has long ago lost its lustre; no amount of scrubbing ever seems to rid it completely of dust and dirt.  An additional layer of metal appears to have been recently added over the upper torso with the sun of Dol Arrah emblazoned on the right spaulder.  If he were ever without his armour, one might notice a jagged line across his right ribcage.

Years of farm work under the sun has visibly toughened the skin and deepened Holden’s natural olive-brown tone.  Burgeoning frown lines on his forehead and the few calluses on his palms give the illusion of age beyond his 27 years.  His shoulder-length hair is the colour of mild coffee and is worn in a simple, utilitarian style, tucked behind his ears so as not to impede his sight.  Thick brows and a wide, somewhat flattish, nose dominate the unremarkable features of his face.  In contrast to his brow, his eyes are quite narrow, and are a murky hue of hazel with bright flecks of gold.

A faint aura of holiness surrounds this man, but those inclined to pick up on these sorts of things might be surprised to note that while the aura of lawfulness still blazes strongly, the aura of goodness is clouded, almost to the point of suggesting neutrality.  Holden’s religion is paramount, but he is out-of-touch with reality and in his zeal to bring about justice he has lost sight of the Host’s true tenets and teachings.

His past has produced few physical scars but has had a lasting impact on his demeanour.  A snort of laughter or a momentary frown of derision is about the extent of his expression of emotion; a smile has not graced his lips for years.  A true introvert, Holden usually does not speak unless addressed or has something important to share, and when he does it is curt and in a flat, almost apathetic baritone.  He’s learnt to expect loss and built walls around his heart to keep others at bay.  Only time will tell if that will hold up…


('Retired' from main group.)

Female human sorceress.  Description as written by her player...

Please find picture here, but for the sake of being a little more nuanced:

Keterix Dren is a thirty-two-year-old human female of about 5'7" in height.  Her build is wiry but still fairly solid, more pugnacious than athletic.  She is pale, but her skin is weathered and not particularly smooth; there is a crescent scar by one eye which those familiar will recognize as probably from a broken bottle.  She has other small scars elsewhere, not like one who is often at the forefront of battle, but as if she has faced physical conflict of some sort.  Her face is distinctive, but while a kind person might call her handsome, she is certainly not conventionally pretty.  Her features are fairly square, with a wide, lowish forehead, a determined chin, and a  long, arched nose.

There are old contact burn scars on her palms and hands, but one must be very close to see these, and her hands are almost never still.  Dren is always tapping a finger on her belt, collarbone, or any available surface; pushing back her cuticles with her short nails; or some other unobtrusive movement that occupies one or both hands.

Dren's hair is black with bluish highlights, and her eyes are an indeterminate gray that seems to pick up color from her surroundings or garments.  She invariably wears her hair cropped very short.  It still seems to move and ruffle about.  The close observer will note that this happens whether or not there is actually wind.  She usually wears two pairs of small steel earrings in her ears, and there are no scars to indicate they have ever been yanked out.

Those able to detect arcane auras will immediately know they are in the presence of a sorcerer; the atmosphere that Dren exudes is not complex or subtle enough to pass for a wizard's.  It gives an immediate impression of chill and rapid movement.

Her speech is clipped, but her manner is oddly formal.  She tends to wear robes in cool colors, a harness to hold her wands, potions and dagger (she is never without some small blade), and a sturdy pair of boots.


(In-game name: Lillidhe)  Young female human rogue.  Description as written by her player...

A picture of Lilith can be found in this post - many thanks to Xy (Dren) for the wonderful rendering!  (Her in-game avatar does not look like this, unfortunately.)

Physical description:

Lilith is a young human female.  She is currently 19 (although she believes she is a year older for reasons that are noted in her journal), but she often seems older - perhaps appearing to be anything from mid-teens to early 20s, depending on her mood and purpose.  She is 5'2" tall and has a slender, delicately-boned build.  She moves quietly and with an innate grace.  Her naturally-brown hair has been dyed a deep and glorious shade of red, and the close-cropped curls are being allowed to grow out although still fairly short at the moment (currently around chin-length).  Large hazel eyes are framed by thick lashes, and show hints of green when she is angry or emotional.


Her upbringing has made Lilith naturally suspicious, and her own safety is important to her - in general, she does not trust easily.  Her demeanour has been described as 'a lack of youthful exuberance' and 'eyes that have seen too much'.  This is mostly due to the unhappy life she has led before now, although the influence of new people on her has gradually had quite an effect on her attitude.  Recent changes - most notably the company of a certain elf - have affected her even more deeply, and a sense of fun and exuberance is making its way back into her life.  Her restrictive existence before leaving Sharn means that she is often surprised by, curious about or confused by things that other people might consider to be commonplace.  She has something of a tendency to take jokes literally, and is slowly learning about humour.

She is very good at hiding the fear of things that bother her - apart from undead, which can scare her enough to freeze her into inaction or make her run, although repeated exposure to them is altering this reaction to anger at the way they make her feel.  She has an ability to take much physical punishment and injury without complaint, and there are times when she even seems to welcome pain.

She has always been well aware that she is attractive to men, and rarely hesitates to flirt in order to get what she wants.  However, despite her profession, she is - perhaps surprisingly - honest and direct most of the time, only resorting to deception in the past when it was necessary to complete an assignment.  She still sometimes has trouble thinking of herself as anything more than 'a killer and a thief', although the longer she is away from her former life the more she is realising that she now has the chance to become whatever she wants to be.

Lilith and Tibir were married in the winter of 1003 YK  (2011 earth time).


(In-game name: Oldswamper)  Older male human cleric.  Bio as written by his player...

Old Swamper was a victim of the Dragon attack on Korthos, and suffered hypothermia-induced memory loss.  He found work as the "Swamper", pushing a mop and fetching kegs, in exchange for meals and a sleeping mat in the creepy cellar of the local tavern.

Such lowly employment makes a person "invisible" to the clients, and he was able to learn a lot about the village, and its problems, from eavesdropping on locals, adventurers, and other stranded victims. 

He also learned he had a strange power, when he "fixed" a deep slice on Ingred's finger with a touch.  His powers befuddled and amazed him at first, and he sought guidance from Brother Maldem, who put him on his current path of studies with some basics, then an introduction to Gand Bedu for more.

He spent free time working with experts around town, on topics ranging from Skirmishing with Innif, to Defense with Braam, to Blade Craft with Solac, down by the docks.

Then he met the Wayfinders, and found he was not just a Mop Swamper with Heals.

"I are a Clanking Cleric!"


Male elven ranger.  Description as written by his player...

So, for those who don't know him and haven't met him, here's what is obvious about Tibir.


He's around 5'8", so not terribly tall. Lean, wiry, and blessed with a ruddy complexion to go along with a wealth of long black hair which has a habit of collecting bits of local flora and whatever splatters of gore and carnage happen to fly his way. At present, he is 188 years old, so by no means young he's also not terribly old for an elf. His chainmail is a patchwork of different tones and materials, looking a bit like six or several different smiths have worked on it at any given time. He is highly skilled with both bow and blade, and is quite a bit stronger than he looks.

What's he really like?

He has a very strong connection to Xen'drik, having been raised from the age of 15 amongst a relatively docile band of Vulkoorim Drow. He is impulsive, and sometimes reckless, but fiercely loyal (sometimes to a fault). Being a ranger, he recognizes the value and necessity of balance in all things, but also tends to rail against basic injustice. His moral compass may not always follow along with the laws of the sentient races, but it is quite well honed when it really matters. 

(A picture of Tibir, produced by Xy (Dren), can be found here.)

Note: Tibir has been married to the young human, Lilith, for over a year now.

"Our language has wisely sensed the two sides of being alone.  It has created the word "loneliness" to express the pain of being alone.  And it has created the word "solitude" to express the glory of being alone." - Paul Tillich

Characters: Lilith Eiridan

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